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Study programs and Test Readiness


In our latest offering to ready your child for university life (and admission), this two-week seminar covers the following critical areas:

1. How to write your Personal Statement for college admission

2. Study skills both in-class and virtual (remote), and how they vary

3. The process behind SMART goal setting

4. Math and writing enrichment primer

5. SAT/ACT test preparation


In today's increasingly competitive world, students must go above and beyond to pave their way for a successful future. This workshop will excite students about learning, while preparing them for college. We will work to give your students the skill sets they need for a promising academic career. We are offering on-site and Zoom classes for both junior high and high school students.

SAT/ACT Test Readiness

SAT and ACT tests are becoming optional at many universities. A good score still looks good on your resume. Our Test Readiness Courses are offered in-office or via Zoom, and help students build the skills and confidence they need to score well.

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