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Online Learning Services

All of our services are available via distance learning and online sessions.  Should you choose to avail yourself of these options, we will walk your student through the connection process.  You will not need to figure anything out on your own, we are more than willing to spend a few minutes helping you get configured.  This can happen before your student's next session, or at anytime by calling us directly, and we'll walk you through a test session to confirm connectivity.  Listed below are the methods we are supporting for distance learning and online sessions.  Please note, our preferred approaches are Zoom and FaceTime, with Google and Skype as backups.  

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing software which can be accessed via a web-downloaded app. For students using this option, our tutors will begin a Zoom meeting and email an invitation to your student. One benefit for Zoom is that there is a whiteboard feature that allows our tutors and students to collaborate on a shared whiteboard to enhance visual learning.

Zoom can be accessed for download at

How to use Zoom


Skype is a web based video conferencing site that can be accessed via Skype does not have a whiteboard feature.

How to use Skype


Google Hangouts is a video chat software provided through your Google account. We will connect with your student via an email address to begin an online session.

How to use Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

FaceTime is a built-in Apple product. It can connect two Apple devices, so if you do not have an Apple device we will not be able to use this service. FaceTime works similarly to Zoom, but it does not have a whiteboard feature.

FaceTime for Mobile devices

FaceTime for Macbooks

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