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Message From The Director

To All Parents,

The Eurgubian Academic center offers academic instruction, enrichment, tutoring, and support in all academic subjects, from first-grade through college in person as well as distance learning. To get started, please contact us directly at 559-349-6193 or

How does EAC (Eurgubian Academic Center) work?
Types of Tutoring
And Instruction

The Eurgubian Academic Center (EAC) offers one-on-one, group, and distance learning by appointment. The center can help your child in any subject, any age from five years to adult. Our services are available seven days a week:


Online and In-Office hours:

Mon - Thurs: 10 AM - 10 PM

Friday:            10 AM - 6 PM

Saturday:       10 AM - 3 PM

Sunday:             1 PM - 9 PM

Our extended and online hours make it easy to plan around your child's busy schedule, as well as to adapt to school closures. Our lessons are 1 or 2 hours long and individualized to your child's needs. We offer educational testing at the parents' request, but this is not mandatory.


Our center has no initiation and/or sign up fees or any long term contract agreements. Your child can start anytime depending on availability.

Individualized Learning: How can you help my child?

Each child learns differently and we are committed to finding the methods and techniques that best suit each student.  At the center we can work with your child to pinpoint their academic weaknesses and work on overcoming them with individualized learning plans. 



We can help students of any age improve their skills and classroom performance. Our tutors will cater to their individual abilities and strengths in order to create lesson plans and strategies that work for them.  Our goal is to ensure that each student receives the personalized attention that they need in order to boost their academic achievement.

EAC offers educational instruction, tutoring and distance learning for all academic subjects including elementary subjects - math, reading, and writing at the K-6 level.


Our staff has experience in the following areas:  

  • Algebra 1 and 2

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Precalculus

  • Calculus 1, 2, and 3

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Elementary subjects

  • High school and college English and Spanish

  • All AP subjects


As students get ready for College/University entrance we offer assistance with completing applications and the important Personal Statement. We can provide classes for SAT and ACT exams if needed.

We offer both in-person and online tutoring. See our Online Tutoring page for more info.

College Application

Our College Application Workshop offers individual sessions to ensure that your child has the help and support needed during this stressful process.


College Personal Statements are a crucial part of a student's application. Academics, test scores, and achievements speak for themselves, but the Personal Statement gives the students a chance to use their own voice and personalize the application.


We can offer advice on timelines, majors, and financial aid to students. Don't wait - get started early!

For your info:
EAC's A-Z Math Curriculum


  • Comprehensive Math Curriculum

  • Kindergarten to College

  • Focuses on Concepts, Skills and Application

  • Goal is 85% Mastery at each level

  • For sample sets for 5th and 8th grades click below.

Study Tips to help your child succeed


  • Eat a good breakfast

  • Make a "to do" list everyday for all your classes

  • Pace yourself when it comes to studying; study in small increments instead of the classic "all nighter"

  • Prepare for your examinations 3-5 days ahead of time.  Avoid cramming, this is the most inefficient method of studying.

Summer 2024 Program Announcement

For Summer 2024, our goals for your children are threefold:

1. Master academic material from the 2023-2024 school year.

​2.  Engineer a learning plan to keep your child sharp over the summer.

​3.  Assure your child is ready for the 2024-2025 school year.

Summer Specialty Classes

EAC's small group classes for Summer 2024:

1.  Math Camp (Grades 4-8)

​2.  Science Camp (Grades 4-8)

​3.  Advanced Science Camp          (Grades 9-12)

4.  SAT/ACT Readiness.

Fall Specialty Classes


1.  College Personal Statement                  Seminar

2.  SAT/ACT Readiness

3.  College Application Workshop.


  As a former teacher and mother of three, EAC has provided my children with professional, knowledgeable and confident tutors who have enabled my children to continue their success within their classes.  I highly recommend Eugurbian Academic Center.



— Jacqueline from Fresno, CA

    EAC helped me increase my reading speed and comprehension and the SAT classes helped me get better test scores. I feel EAC helped me to be accepted into several UC schools.



— Eric from Clovis, CA

   My son has learned the importance of keeping up with his homework. I was thrilled when he asked me for more time at the Center. EAC created a program customized to my son's needs, and he is gaining confidence in his abilities. Instead of asking my son to get his homework done, he now reminds me it's time to work on homework.


— Karen from Fresno, CA


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